SHERPA GUIDES TEAM simply knows Mt. Everest better than anyone in this world. The Sherpa Guides Team has involved in 337 major expeditions. Summited Mt. Everest 172 times and helped 1,204 people from around the globe reach the top of the world and helped them get back down safely!

During the 337 major expeditions, this team has climbed up 8,000Mtr. more than 1,548 times. ( each Sherpa guide reaches up to south summit 8,000mtr anywhere from 7 to 13 times per exp to drop supply and clean up)

1. Apa Sherpa. 21times Mt. Everest summit, 25 major expeditions.,
2. Lakpa Rita Sherpa. 17 times Mt. Everest Summit, 47 major Expeditions.
3. Lhapka Gelu Sherpa. 15 times Everest Summit, 32 major expeditions.),
4. Pemba Gelje Sherpa. 7 times Everest summit, 34 major expeditions)
5. Pemba Tenjin Sherpa. 18 times Mt. Everest summit, 27 major expeditions
6. Lakpa Nuru Sherpa. 9 times Mt. Everest summit, 14 major expeditions)
7. Kami Rita Sherpa. 17 times Mt. Everest summit, 28 major expeditions
8. Pasang Dawa Sherpa. 9 times Mt. Everest summit, 17 major expeditions
9. Mingma Ongel Sherpa. 7 times Mt. Everest summit, 17 major expeditions
10. Pasang Tsering Sherpa. 9 times Mt. Everest summit, 21 major expeditions
11. Pemba Chutti Sherpa. 12 times Mt. Everest Summit. 26 Major Expeditions.
12. Pemba Tenjin Sherpa. 13 times Mt. Everest summit, 21 major expeditions
13. Dorji Sonam. 18 times Mt. Everest summit, 28 major expeditions.

WHY SHERPA GUIDES for the Everest expedition?
All the years, a glory or sadness on Everest has always made the headlines to world news.  Along with that, we have also heard about how the climbing Sherpas are getting paid unfairly for the life-threatening hard works they do on Mt. Everest.
Having a clear understanding of the western and eastern culture, our goal is to provide the best of traditional experience besides helping directly to the local economy and empowering to preserve our way of culture and traditions for generations to come.
Our mission is to provide a very respectable expedition to our clients while promoting higher pay to the hard-working Sherpa climbers on Everest and creating awareness of safety and responsible guides on any expedition.
This Everest project and your involvement will be the first time ever and one to step closer to better pay for climbers of today and generations to come. Besides, there has never been a group of this much highly skilled guides in one single team on Everest in history. So, please come join this amazing team and grab your opportunity to summit Mt. Everest with the world-known Sherpa climbers where you can count on for reliability, safety, confidence, and peace of mind all in one team!

At Sherpa Guides Service, all our team is only skilled Sherpas guides for all treks and expedition trips. Contact us to climb any other trekking peaks or higher and technical mountains in advance time and know that you in the hands of the best in the Himalayan guide industry.

EVEREST EXPEDITION begins from April 2nd arrival in KTM- Depart June 5th.
Everest Team is looking for partners in all fields. If your business and any corporate office would like to get part of this historic expedition, please CONTACT US. We would love to hear from you.

Inquire us at info@sherpaguide.com
for further detail and visit us online at www.SherpaGuide.com

Everest Expedition 2020 Team