Bring your dream to a reality in 2020!

About Sherpa Guide

As a native Sherpa from the gateway to Mt. Everest region, I am simply following our father’s footsteps.It is our pride and pleasure to organize trekking and climbing trips all throughout Nepal including Sikkim and Bhutan to continue the preserving the hospitality legacy from our ancestors.

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Everest Expedition 2020

If you want to climb Everest with the best in the world, 2020 is your year. First time in the history, we put together a world-class team of Sherpas to guide an Everest expedition from the Nepal side in the spring of 2020.

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Everest Base Camp

One of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal and a bucket list of most traveler.

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Annapurna Trek

The diverse landscape, flora and fauna, and warm hospitality of local people make this trip wonderful experience.

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Helicopter Tour

A day tour

Luxury Tour

8 Days