About Sherpa Guide

Pemba Tenzing SherpaWelcome to the Sherpa Guide Service. Our name is enough to express who we are but many people still get confused between real SHERPA ETHNIC vs the trading name Sherpa as many other tribes began to operate Nepal’s growing tourism industry.

As a native Sherpa from the gateway to Mt. Everest region, we are looking forward to organizing customized treks, tours, and climbing trips throughout Nepal according to your schedule and budget while helping the local economy, preserving culture and traditions.

Our experience does not limit to the safety, mountains, and the treks we guide. Our deep knowledge of culture and traditions and highly experienced staffs are ready to provide the highest level of experience to our clients. Join us as a client and leave us with family-like relation.

Travel with cause. When you travel with the Sherpa Guide Services, you are also being part of the Nepal Government’s “MEDAL OF HONOR” recipient for our selfless charitable works The Sherpa foundation.

THE SHERPA FOUNDATION is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in Edwards, near Vail Colorado USA.  Sherpa Foundation is established after the devastating 7.9 & 7.2 magnitudes of earthquake in the early spring of 2015 which took close to 10,000 lives and destroyed over 800,000 homes.

Since 2015, we have successfully rebuilt and built close to 200 homes for the most needed families. We have been extending our help to provide and connecting scholarship programs, culture preservation, and community development. Our humanitarian works continue all over Nepal and welcome to partnering with various other international organizations.

With confidence, know that you are in one of the best hands in the travel and tourism hospitality business with deep connections. We want all our guests to come curious and leave with excitement and urge to return back seeking more and different types of experience in Nepal.